All of them, go crazy.

40. 2016 Christmas Special: Miracle on What's That About Street

We're back for the 2016 Christmas special, which for some reason we keep calling the 2017 Christmas special, dont mind us.

39. Donald Trump: What's he about (replay)

In light of Donald Trump being even more trumpyish than usual of late, we've decided to re-release our episode discussing Donald Trump and some of his career "highlights".

38. Man Flu

This week we discuss the science behind Man Flu. We're also taking a few months break after this episode so Don can concentrate on his zumba classes, and to a lesser extent because Luke is having a baby.

37. Cryonics

This week we talk about people that want to be frozen and then brought back to life. Warning: May contain traces of shrinkage jokes. 

36. Cults

The end of the world is coming, you'd better listen to this episode on cults post haste!

35. Rock Paper Scissors

This week Luke and Don tell you everything you wanted to know about the game "Rock Paper Scissors" but were afraid to ask. You wanted to know about it right?

34. Shoes on telephone lines

Have you ever wondered what it means when you see shoes hanging on telephone lines? Listen to this episode to find out.

33. Just how smart are dolphins?

This week's topic is on dolphins, and just how smart are they? Also, what's the name of their beak / nose / mouth / pointy thing?

32. Spontaneous Human Combustion

This week we look into spontaneous human combustion, and why both Luke and Don are particularly at risk when busting out moves on the dance floor..., nobody puts Luke and Don in the corner.

31. Hysterical Strength

Two of the weakest men alive talk about hysterical strength, the supposed phenomenon where amazing feats of strength are performed by people in life or death situations.

30. Stockholm Syndrome

In this week's episode Luke takes Don captive, tells him all about Stockholm syndrome, and then Don falls in love with him.

29. Hypnotism

Is hypnotism real? Luke and Don dust off their fob watches and wave them in front of a microphone for 16 minutes to try and find out.

28. Phone Addiction

This week Luke and Don look into why so many people spend so much of their day repeatedly checking their phones. Does your partner accuse you of spending too much time on your phone? No need to worry, it happens to everyone!

27. Cannibalism

This week Luke and Don discuss cannibalism, and believe it or not they somehow managed to make a few jokes!

26. Things that happen as we get old

Armed with a hanky full of jubes and an extra hot coffee, Luke and Don take a look at the weird things that happen as we get old.

25. Is homework a waste of time?

Luke and special guest host/other brother Nick take a look at whether homework is a waste of time. WARNING: This episode contains a rare and unusual amount of substance....don't get used to it!

24. Why do most lottery winners go broke?

Luke and Don take a look at why winning the lottery is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

23. Pet Peeves

Luke and Don discuss all aspects of pet peeves, like why do people hate the word moist? We also get on our soap boxes about everything that annoys us.

22. Superstitions

This week we go out of our way to knock on every possible surface except for wood, as we discuss superstitions.

21. North Korea and Kim Jong-il facts

Luke and Don take one for the team and closely examine some Kim Jong-Il claims, like the "fact" that he apparently didn't need to poo. It only get's weirder from here.....

20. Self Driving Cars

Luke and Don take a look under the hood of self driving cars, and discover that just like regular cars, they have no idea what they're looking at.

19. Selfies

This episode is on selfies. We recommend you take a selfie whilst listening to this episode and upload it to Myspace and/or Friendster.

18. Donald Trump, what's he about?

In this week’s episode Luke and Don discuss Donald Trump. You probably shouldn’t listen to this if you like, or are Donald Trump.

17. Why do people tease redheads?

Luke and Don take a look at why red is the hair colour that gets picked on most, and then they pick on them, a little, but it's cute when they do it.


16. Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books, they're the most popular books you can buy! Dust off your coloured pencils and listen to Luke and Don as they figure out how this became a thing.

15. Tickles

Charles Darwin. Aristotle. Luke and Don. What do these ridiculously intelligent humans have in common? They've all wondered why you can't tickle yourself.

14. How beer invented everything

Think you know beer? You probably don't. In this episode, Luke and Don discuss the ridiculous influence beer has had on the world. It's pretty amazing.

13. New Year's Resolutions

Luke and Don discuss New Year’s Resolutions. Listen to this episode before you make your resolutions, and then listen to it again when they invariably fail. Seeya in 2016!

12. Christmas Special: Things you didn't know about Christmas

Don puts on his best Santa suit (and Luke his Mrs Claus suit)as they deliver the inaugural What's That About Christmas Special! It really is special.....

11. Conspiracy Theories

In this episode we discuss conspiracy theories, like why don't we have more listeners? We think the government is behind it....

10. Why do we have eyebrows?

Luke and Don talk eyebrows. They're actually a lot more interesting than you would think.

9. Teething Necklaces

Tears, tantrums, drooling, nappy rash.....and that's just from Luke! This episode we take a closer look at teething necklaces to figure out if they actually work. An episode no parent, necklace buff or tooth aficionado can afford to miss!

8. The Placebo Effect

This week we guarantee longer loving in the bedroom to whoever listens to this episode.

7. Sleepwalking

Luke and Don talk about sleepwalking, and the general mischief people can get up to when doing it.

6. Normcore (and other fashion trends)

Two of the most unfashionable people alive talk about fashion. In particular, the Normcore movement, and just clothes in general.

5. Flipping the bird (and other hand gestures)

Having been on the receiving end numerous times, Luke and Don investigate "flipping the bird".

4. Why do onions make us cry?

Luke and Don put their eyes and tear ducts on the line to find out why onions make us cry.

3. Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Luke and Don talk about nipples, and why men have them, for 13 minutes.

2. Seatbelts on Buses

Seatbelts are extremely important, unless of course you're stuck in a moving steel box with 50 other kids surrounded by glass and metal poles. Luke and Don Investigate why buses don't have seatbelts.

1. Belly Button Lint

Luke and Don discuss the innies and the outies of belly button lint.