Claptrap (2015)

Two guys try to cobble together a stand up comedy routine, while talking some rubbish along the way.

Warning: podcast may contain traces of sizzle.


1. No Hat, No Play

The first 5 joke ideas are pitched.

2. Body Parts, Body Parts

Luke and Don continue to pitch joke ideas. Whilst the quality of jokes is on the decline, the quality of mocking said jokes is improving dramatically.

3. Hanky Panky

Luke and Don pull on their comedy tracksuit pants and sit down (comfortably) to embark on episode 3. They play "Legend or Loser", a game where they pit one of their jokes against some well known professionals, and take a walk down memory lane.

4. Getting down to business

Due to receiving a large amount of criticism for not getting down to business, Don and Luke have decided to get down to business. They start constructing their sets, and workshopping seeds.

5. Gumption

Luke and Don find a cure for the daily blues by sharing some listener submitted jokes. The also discuss the importance of delivery. This episode is brought to you by gumption, and to a lesser extent Ajax.