This week we release our 50th and final episode of What's that about?

To go out with a bang, we put on the heavy duty gloves, face mask and DIY work clothes and chiseled out our favourite bits from the previous 49 episodes. It was a dirty and confronting job but someone had to do it (and Mum and Warren Groom weren't available).

It's really more appropriately called the 'least worst bits of what's that about?'.

If you only listen to one episode, make it this one.

We had a blast making it, we hope you enjoy it.

Luke and Don


50. The Final Episode: The Best Bits of What's That About?

A podcast 

Luke and Don take a look at the topics and trends that are making them wonder... what's that about?

Recent Episodes:

49.5. Urban Legends

This episode we discuss Urban Legends. We also tackle the age old quandary of how to react when someone accidentally spits on your face during a conversation....as well as what to do when someone has been calling you by the wrong name and you've left it too long to correct them.


49. Fidget Spinners (and other fads)

This week we discuss fidget spinners, as well as some of our favourite fads from the past. Luke also pulls out the first documented "Dr Fad" reference in 25 years.


48. Freemasons

In this episode we talk freemasons, secret handshakes, and manly aprons. We also tackle one of life's biggest dilemmas, what to do when you forget to wear deodorant to work.


47.Americans don't use kettles!? (and other interesting country facts)

After reeling from the news that Americans don't use kettles, we've set out to discover more interesting facts from around the world.


46. Weird thing's that human bodies do

This week we discuss some of the weird thing's that human bodies do, like hiccups, yawning, stitches, and ice cream headaches to name just a few.


45. Road Rage

This week we discuss road rage, an episode no one with anger management issues can afford to miss. Sorry if that's offensive, please don't hurt us!


44. Smiling at bad news

Ever smiled when hearing bad news or when someone tells you a sad story? Well, you're a terrible person......but so are we! This episode we try figure out why this happens.


43. Why do you get prune fingers in the bath?

This episode we look at why fingers turn into prunes when you're in the bath. It's an episode no prune buff or person with fingers can afford to miss. The answer is surprisingly interesting.